February 2018 ยท 2 minute read

I am a Senior Full-Stack Engineer at 8 Securities, a Hong Kong based fintech startup which aims to make investing accessible to a wider audience. The flagship product is TradeFlix; a mobile app allowing anyone to invest in the US, Hong Kong and China stock markets while paying $0 commission. My core focus is on making the product more valuable to customers and improving the customer experience.

Previously, also in Hong Kong, I worked at Grana; an direct-to-consumer online fashion retailer who aims to produce high quality fashion basics with minimal waste. You should get a 10% discount using this link if you are a new customer - try it! My focus was on improving code quality, reliability and efficiency of their Magento 2 platform while adding new features to differentiate the user experience and grow the business.

In a previous life, I was a technical lead for British Airways in London. My most important project was transitioning the e-commerce system from a 20 year old monolithic Java and XML platform to a service oriented architecture using Java Spring (okay, still Java and XML) and Node.js, as a backend, and mobile-first HTML5 with AngularJS for the frontend. Additionally, I spent a lot of time overhauling internal processes to speed up the release process and reduce change requests. If you wish to try out the new site, browse to ba.com and set your locale to English (United Kingdom). You should be presented with a fast, modern booking experience.

I graduated from the University of Warwick with a Masters of Engineering (MEng) in Computer Science in 2013. My final dissertation was entitled “Production of a Kinect Based toolkit for the calculation and monitoring of Body Volume/Anthropometric circumferences that also utilises markerless recognition for the use of repeated ultrasound scanning without the use of indelible skin markers”. If you understand half of that then I applaud you.

My key focuses when engineering are maximising code/component reuse so that I have more time and energy to focus on more innovative and disruptive uses of technology. I sleep soundly at night because I produce well tested, self documenting, code and I have nightmares after seeing multiple exit points, dozens of levels of nesting and three-way diffs with several pages of horizontal scroll.

If I am not at work or eating at one of Hong Kong’s thousands of restaurants then I am probably on an plane visiting somewhere new and exciting.

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