I’m Robin (also known as 洛宏 – lok3 wang4 in Cantonese) and I’m a full stack Software Engineer based in Hong Kong.

In early 2017, I was invited to take residence in Hong Kong under the QMAS so I booked a one way ticket and have been here ever since.

I work with companies who either provide a product that I would use myself, have a positive impact on society; or both. My most recent projects and postings have been:

  • JEng (Founder) – an engineering-led software consultancy engaged in providing high quality experiences and processes by either integrating or developing bespoke software.
  • Software Foundry (VP Engineering) – a lean, engineering-led software consultancy focusing on delivering solutions with agility
  • Palo IT (Lead Tech Consultant) – a boutique IT consulting consultancy
    • Merchandising workflow management system for a major European retailer
  • 8 Securities (Senior Engineer) – a zero commission mobile equities and cryptocurrency trading platform
  • Grana (Senior Engineer) – an ethical direct-to-consumer fashion e-commerce retailer
  • British Airways (Solutions Architect) – research and development, the home page and flight selling flow for “the world’s most admired airline”

My focus is on code quality and reuse as well as continuous improvement of processes so that I have more time to spend on disruptive and interesting applications of technology – the things which provide value. You can find out more about my work; specific projects and responsibilities on my LinkedIn page.

I hold a Masters of Engineering degree in Computer Science from the University of Warwick.